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Multimedia is an all inclusive category of services for our company. It includes a large number of varying services that don't quite have a category of their own that they fit into or are expanded on within the multimedia category. Various aspects of the following areas that makeup multimedia are: Copy Writing | Creative Writing, Animation, Audio Production. There are a diverse number of smaller services that we can offer listed below. Please review our specific pages dedicated to each of these areas to provide more information on each service, portfolio examples and package details.

If you would like to consult with us regarding your multimedia project, please Contact Us with some information about your business or organization or personal needs, what type of project you are considering and we will contact you to go over the information with you and create a custom project bid.


A common problem we run into is that a client knows what they want to say, but doesn't have a whole lot of experience in putting their thoughts or ideas into the written word for advertising, marketing, general description purposes. This is an extra service we can offer you, providing you with the ability to complete your project from start to finish. We will consult with you and take notes about what you would like to say for your specific project and then proceed to do the writing for you. This way we can put your thoughts into words as concisely or eloquently as possible. By having Electra-Sketch Studios do all of the copy for your project, we can generally speed the production time of a project up dramaticallly instead of waiting for someone within your company or organization to get around to completing this phase of a project (along with all of their other duties), which has a tendency to delay project deadlines. As every project is unique, pleast Contact Us for a custom project quote for copy writing or creative writing services.

Copy Writing for Advertisements
Copy Writing for Websites
Copy Writing Technical Documents
Copy Writing for Manuals

Copy Writing for Professional Documents
Creative Writing
Copy Writing for Brochures


Although not an extremely common service, but another thing we can offer is the creation / editing / conversion of audio/music clips for use on the web, radio and television. You may have a need to create and original audio collage, jingle, synce up audio in a commercial for a television commercial or radio advertisement. Most of these types of projects can be done in-house, but if there is something that requires the skills of a specialist in a specific department. We find the appropriate vendor and outsource the project for you. Saving you the time and hassle of finding a qualified professional. There are varied and diverse requirements for various audio production projects, so please Contact Us with your specifications for a custom project quote if you require any of these services.

Digital / Analog Audio Services
Script Writing for Commercials
Audio File Creation / Conversion
Music Creation
Jingles for Radio or Television

Music Encoding
Audio Syncing
Audio Effects / Filtering
Voiceover Recording


Animation is one of those mediums that is in high demand for demonstration purposes or to add some visual flair to your project. Electra-Sketch Studios has the ability to do animation work for any of the following purposes which may fit your project needs. As every animation project is unique, be sure to Contact Us with the specifications for your project and we will give you a custom project quote.

Animated Web Banners and Ads
Adobe Flash® Animations
Animated Powerpoint Presentations
Character Animation

3-D Computer Animation
3-D Product Animation
Architectural Flythroughs
Animated Buttons / Logos for Web Sites


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