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  Website Design

Electra-Sketch Studios offers a large number of website design choices to meet your needs regardless of your budget, technical expertise and requirements. The various types of websites are broken down into categories and subcategories to help explain the various types of websites we can offer you.

Aside from the actual website design we also offer a large number of support services from Web Hosting, Domain Name Registration, Security Certificates, Search Engine Registration and Search Engine Optimization in order to maintain, enhance or optimize your website for the most budget conscious consumer to the most comprehensive marketing plan.


A traditional website is designed in standard HTML (Hypertext Markup Language) or XHTML (Extensible Hypertext Markup Language) format. We have extensive experience in creating standard websites from scratch or from template designs. The cost and size of this type of website varies greately depending on your needs, goals for your website, the type of website you are creating, the size of your business or organization, and features or functions you may desire.

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A Multimedia | Interactive site often contains animation, sounds, music, video or other multimedia elements combined into a comprehensive presentation format. The Adobe® Flash Player® or Adobe® Shockwave® plugins would be required by anyone visiting your site to view the content, animation or other multimedia. These websites have a tendency to be very dynamic and visually engaging to draw a visitor in through a stylized visual and/or audio presentation.

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WCMS (Web Content Management Systems) / CMS (Content Management Systems) | User Managed websites are a means of allowing the business owner, an employee, advertising and/or marketing representatives to make changes to and keep your website up to date through an intuitive interface similar to most word processing programs like Microsoft Word® available from a standard web browser (Microsoft® Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Opera, Apple Safari) with an internet connection

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The standard choice for startup, innovative, merchandising and retail companies to expand sales or marketshare through online sales. Online shopping is growing by leaps and bounds with the number of products and services becoming available on the net expanding at an ever increasing rate. This is the ideal solution for companies which would like to expand their sales in their local area, expand to new markets in their region or even enter the realm of global sales. There are a number of different shipping options, payment gateways and shopping cart solutions available to meet your needs and your ability to offer online shopping to your potential customers.

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With the fast rising use of mobile smart phones for surfing, obtaining information and shopping online; now is the time to add a mobile website in addition to a conventional website to provide your business or organization's customers and target audience with a 24/7 anywhere web solution. Mobile websites have the capability to provide essential information to your intended market about your business, multimedia content, online shopping and much more.

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There are literally hundreds of additional featuers that can be added to a traditional, interactive, or web content managed site depending on the needs of your visitors and the needs of your business or organization in disemminating information to your viewers. The licensing, installation or administration of these addons or additional features generally would incur additional fees for inclusion in a website design.

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  Custom programming is available through Electra-Sketch Studios for creating original applications, modifying existing scripts, software and applications. We can have a programmer satisfy your needs in any number of languages including: PHP, CGI, ASP, Javascript, Java, C, C++, Perl, Unix Shell Scripts, SQL, Visual Basic and Python. All of these services come at variable rates. If you are looking to start a new project or expand on an existing project; please Contact Us with information on your proposed project for a custom project quote.

A build your own website is generated through a simple web interface, which includes website hosting for very simple starter websites. The user walks through a series of questions on a website interface, selects a design from a number of templates and publishes their site. A site this kind is usually fairly small and hosting fees are generally higher than a standard website.

Electra-Sketch Studios does not currently offer this as a web design option, but we are looking into several different solutions to providing services for this website design option in the near future. Check back with us in the future regarding this option.


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